G’day and thanks for stopping by SABushTucker.com.

Look im going to be 100% trasnparent i created this website because i couldn’t find the answers to my questions.

I Needed my own reference for South Australian BushTucker. I’d also like this information for my Friends, my 2 small children, wife, & of course YOU.

With all this said I have an idea about somethings I can eat, but I’m still learning. I’ll share my knowledge with you here on the blog and in the forum as I learn it.

I added a forum to this site with this I hope many people take the time to answer some of my own questions and other members as they join and ask to identify plants and species.

For the most part, this site is here as a reference site for anyone wanting to understand south Australian Bush Tucker. This includes Tucker in general so local country cafes, wineries, restaurants that are noteworthy will also get a mention.

Eventually, we plan to catalogue all the available edible plant & animal species found in south Australia into a printable PDF file. This enables you to pack it in your bag and take it with you on your adventures in the bush.

We will also serve this file online to reach a global audience.

With all that said this site requires lots of information and we are always looking for people to help us write our articles. You could even make some money & recognition is guaranteed

I personally want this site to be simple as it can be. so the layout of posts will reflect that. Example…

  • Title – Scientific name
  • Is It Edible? What Part Is Edible?.
  • Season/Time Of Year It’s Found
  • Location
  • Uses Eat/Medicine/Ect…
  • Steps Of Preparation

Simple is best. However, each post will link to more information for those of you deep researchers out there. Personally, all I need is a clear picture a few uses, preparation tips, and I’m off.

Thanks again for checking us out, it’s just my wife & I putting this together currently. We really hope you can see how valuable this will be for South Australians and Tourism, even though we are just a ma and pa website.