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BottleBrush - Melaleuca citrina, Callistemon citrinus

The Bottlebrush Is An Edible Plant But Only The Nectar Found In The Red & Yellow Bottlebrush Like Flowers. You extract the sweet nectar from the red flowers by hitting the red/Yellow brush-like flower head against the back of your hand.

There are about 40 species in the bottlebrush genus. Bottlebrush is a woody looking shrub native to Australia. The majority of bottlebrushes occur in the east and south-east of Australia. They often grow in wet conditions such as along creek & river beds.

The Flowers produce a sweet liquid that has been used as a primitive energy drink by the local indigenous for thousands of years.

It also has been used as a cleanser for urinary problems.

This plant usually flowers in spring or summer

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